Drive Mad Unblocked

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Drive Mad is a thrilling car game where you must drive on a track filled with obstacles and try to reach the finish line in one piece. Your driving skills will be put to the test as you balance your speed to avoid flipping over while navigating through creative and challenging stunts and obstacles.

Can you beat every level in Drive Mad? To play, use the following controls:

  • To steer forward, use W, D, X, Up arrow, Right arrow, or Mouse click.
  • To steer backward, use S, A, Z, Down arrow, or Left arrow.

Choose your car and get ready to drive like a pro in this exciting game. Be careful not to crash and burn, and collect coins to unlock new levels and cars. With fast-paced gameplay and intense challenges, Drive Mad is the perfect game for car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike. Can you handle the ride?

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