Battle Wheels Unblocked

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Unleash your competitive spirit in Battle Wheels, an engaging arcade game where you control a battle car in a head-to-head match against your adversary! Despite the absence of roofs on these combat vehicles, you can turn it to your benefit and vanquish your rival by striking their head with your car. With practically unlimited freedom to zoom around the arena, execute flips to land on your opponent's head and conquer the match. Boost your car's resilience by upgrading its chassis, inflict more damage with superior wheels, and enhance your vehicle with typical health and damage upgrades. Personalize your character and embark on your battle journey to ascend the leaderboard! Want more fun? Challenge a friend in two-player mode and compete for the Battle Wheels champion title!

Playing Battle Wheels:

Navigate: Use WASD or arrow keys.

The objective is to damage your opponent by hitting them in the head with your car. The match is won once your opponent's health bar is depleted!

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