Fall Boys Unblocked

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In the Fall Boys, 3d browser game, you play for a little character and compete with other players online. Progress up to level 10 beating various challenges. Earn coins and experience, and unlock new cute avatars. Run, jump, dodge, chat with other players and win!

Click the "Play Now" button to start the game. Type in your nickname, when playing for the first time. Choose an avatar from available ones by clicking "Use". The current avatar is labeled as "Using". Hit the "Play" button to create a room.

Select friends from the friend list on the right to add them to the session or just wait for players, who are online, to enter your room. The level is being selected randomly. Read its description and prepare for a race! Move the character with WASD buttons or arrow keys and jump on Space bar. The camera view follows your mouse.

While playing or waiting in a room, press Enter to chat. Type in a message and hit Enter again to send it to the public chat. You can also send a friend request to people playing with you by clicking on a button next to their nicknames.

If you want to exit, press the Escape button on a keyboard to enable a cursor and click "Leave" button. You will be disconnected and returned to the main menu.

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